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Creating an Emotionally-Intelligent Workplace

WHERE Seminar Room 2, Technology Park, 2 Brodie Hall Drive, Bentley, WA, 6102
WHEN Tuesday, 16th September, 9.00am - 12.30pm



Dr Jim Mullaney | Gerry Cleveland, JD | Prof Greg Saville



This seminar introduces the emerging field of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its application in the workplace. Research has validated the importance of EI competencies as indicators of highly successful career and job performance.

The seminar will demonstrate the benefits of exploring and improving Emotional Intelligence competencies in your business. It will look at how to develop your employees understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI), reducing negative workplace emotions, and dealing with toxic behaviours. We will outline strategies that improve performance, leadership, and help make your business more productive and profitable.

IDEAL FOR General Managers, Human Resource Personnel, Trainers, Anyone interested in enhancing workplace harmony and efficiency.

After attending this workshop participants will be able to;

    • Recognise and develop their own EQ
    • Develop strategies to deal with workplace conflict
    • Enhance workplace harmony
    • Identify behaviours that lead to workplace toxicity and learn how to minimise their impact
COST $50 per delegate. Includes handout and Morning Tea


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