FuturePD - Professional Development for Connected Learning

Welcome to the FuturePD website

New technologies are piling up at an alarming rate. Hyper-connectivity, Tablets, Mashups, Learning Networks. What do they mean? They represent a new breed of technologies. Tools for the digital age that will facilitate collaboration and communication. This is an exciting time to be an educator. Make sure you have the skills and the pedagogy to maximise the effectiveness of tools like these.

2012 presents us with new challenges as educators. Under ever-increasing scrutiny we are called on to prepare today's students for a hyper-connected world. Are you ready? Do you need support? DrJim is one of the few educators in Australia who is experienced in how to help educators prepare their curricula and their students for a hyper-connected world.

I spent most of 2011 cycling around Europe, but am back - ready to help teachers in their quest for authentic technology integration.

I am also updating the website, so be patient while I add new content for 2012 and don't forget to check back often.