FuturePD - Workshop-Based Professional Development

Dr Jim's workshops are aimed at upper primary and high school teachers who know about how the Web works but are looking for specific strategies to help them use these tools in the classroom. The focus is on pedagogy rather than technology, but the workshop is hands on, minds-on, using the tools to build meaningful curriculum. They are particularly useful for teachers who find themselves with access to lots of computers/devices, but are unsure of how best to use them in the classroom for meaningful learning.

Cool Tools for Connected Learners

The workshop will cover blogging, podcasting, digital storytelling and free tools for Web 2.0.
The read/write web is full of cool tools that are free and easy to use. For example, Google have a whole suite of web-embedded tools that have fantastic applications in the classroom. Not only are they free, but they enable creation, collaboration and sharing of information and resources in ways we haven’t seen before. Other tools let us experience the power of digital storytelling using multimedia applications that are powerful, simple and free. We will also cover all the skills required for blogging, podcasting, creating digital artworks and exploring CAD (computer aided design) with students. Course participants will leave this session with a plethora of great teaching ideas in their tool-box, an incredible amount of inspiration and realistic goals to implement back in their schools and in their classrooms.

Previous workshop participants have said ...

"Thank you Jim for an outstanding and enlightening presentation."

"I really enjoyed this PD and found Dr Jim's style encouraging without being patronising."

" The material was directly relevant to my work and the hands on approach was useful both for confidence building and for learning retention."

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